A downloadable OBG

The game concept is easy, you have to be the last alive. Every player has a button,

the first player has Q

the second has P

the third has N

and so on D, K, Z

Only 5 player allowed maximum.

(You can modify the assigned buttons for each player in the first dialog box, under the input settings)

During the game, every player controls a dot. These dots have a color, representing the player.

For the Q, the first player, he plays with BLUE,

the second player plays with YELLOW (P),

the third plays with RED (N),

the fourth plays with PINK (D),

and the fifth with GREEN (K),

At the start of each round, one must press SPACE to begin the game. Every dot moves all the time until it's death. Every dot can die in three ways. Going out of the map, hitting the small white dots (in the next line I will call them GRABBER) in the map or colliding with someone's trail.

Pressing your button will find an optimal GRABBER, and you will be connected to it with a rope and start to rotate. Releasing the button will remove the rope and you will move in a stright line again.

There are some special grabber in the game.

With DARK GREEN grabbers, you can slow yourself down,

with LIGHT GREEN grabbers, you can speed yourself up,

with DARK RED grabbers, you can slow everyone else down,

with LIGHT RED grabbers, you can spped everyone else up,

with ORANGE grabbers, you can remove all used grabbers from the map,

with BLUE grabbers you can go throught the wall, spawning in the other side of the map,

with OCEAN BLUE grabbers, you can go throught the grabbers,

and with PINK grabbers, after connecting you can control two more copies of you. You only die when all the copies dies.

The goal is to be alive for as long as you can. If you are the nth who dies, you will get (n-1) points. The one who reaches the required points wins the game. (For n players it is (n-1)*20)

During the game you can press ESC any time to return to the menu.

In the menu you can set up the game parameters.

You can choose how many players you want to play with, by pressing the LEFT-RIGHT arrows or with the slider.

You can choose the amount of bots, to play against.

You can choose the game mode.

There are 8 game modes to choose.

In CLASSIC, only regular grabbers spawn,

in NORMAL, every grabber spawn,

in INFI, the probability of the blue and ocean blue grabber spawns are high,

in CRAZY, everything is crazy, a lot of pink and orange grabbers spawn.

in FAST, except the first, only light green grabbers spawn.

in MULTI, there are a lot of pink grabbers, plus the map is a bit bigger.

And try to find out what happens in KARTAL and RANDOM modes.

You can scroll between the modes with the UP and DOWN arrows in the menu.

Pressing the SPACE in the menu starts the game, and pressing the ESC closes the application.

I hope you will enjoy playing this game. Not forget to show it to your friends, and play together!

Install instructions

Unpack the OBG.rar and launch the OBG.exe file.

You can find the instructions in the packed folder too.

Have fun!


OBG.rar 8 MB

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