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Thank you for the feedbacks and for the gameplays!

I will try to improve the experience, add new stuff like VR, but unfortunately it is almost impossible to change the core mechanics. Also I will rethink the tutorial as many of you mentioned the unconventional controls.

Again, thank you for playing!

Levente Bodnár

This game was challenging, but very interesting and peaceful, if you want to continue working with a small amount of different colors I'd suggest vastly different ones because a few levels my colorblindness kicked in lol. Over all though it was a lot of fun and I even felt chilled out afterwards lol.

Solid controls, though it took me a small while of getting used to it. One small thing was that when you rotated in a certain way where the colors overlap, it looks like it might mix because the colors blend together. It's just a small personal issue though. I thought the game was pretty challenging and fun!

Gameplay Video: